A Hawk and A Hacksaw "You Have Already Gone to the Other World"

by Living Music Duplication

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“ There is a constant stream of music – in the fact the whole history of music – flowing in the upper atmosphere, in what they used to call the 'Aether'. Apparently The Hawks (HAAHS) have managed to mainline a very particular vein of that lofty realm, and now the music of fervid pagans, of revelers, of the intoxicated, the sensualists and the joyful brawlers flows through them effortlessly. They’re riding the snorting steed of Bacchus. Their instruments and their voices are ecstatic swords, swooping with blithe abandon through the soft flesh of the world, killing and then discarding the ordinary and the mundane with an unbridled commitment to joy and mesmeric, gleeful self-immolation. Have fun!" -Michael Gira (Swans)

"Beautiful record. there is such richness and depth in the production. Each sound has the space and momentum it needs. The album is a lucid dream, you wake up in your sleep and drowse into a different world while fully awake... a reality of its own where worlds merge... Jan Werner (Mouse on Mars)

"The new A Hawk and A Hacksaw record is ridiculous, prettiest album so far this year -Tom Ravenscroft BBC Radio 6
I've loved A Hawk and a Hacksaw ever since I first encountered them with the release of their first album. Over the years they've surprised and thrilled me repeatedly - both on record and at their incendiary live shows. I find their music so thrilling, I think, because their music offers many qualities I rarely hear in music either new or old. It embodies a deep ethnographic knowledge of Balkan, Turkish and Eastern European music which contrasts to the magpie-like tokenism of most musicians who claim influence from around the world, but is not afraid to transform those roots into something new; never content to be an homage or museum piece. In a musical climate awash with ironic detachment and self-conscious posing it is a treasure to find music that has the courage of its convictions - that caries such a richness of musical, literary, and broader cultural association. And, as it seems from from getting to know Jeremy and Heather over the years, that is so personal - that embodies so much of who they are. However, this all seems too wordy and worthy to do them justice; above all A Hawk and a Hacksaw make music to be enjoyed viscerally before cerebrally - music that is both beautiful and fun. -Dan Snaith, Caribou


released December 19, 2017

Jeremy Barnes- Accordion, santur, organs, tapan drum, riq, horn arrangements
Heather Trost- violin, vocals, organs, viola, bass, string arrangements
John Dieterich- bass drum/cymbal on Dance Melodies from Bihor County, guitar on You Have Already Gone to The Other World
Recorded by John Dieterich and Jeremy Barnes at Sonido Del Norte, Albuquerque, NM.


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Living Music Duplication Albuquerque, New Mexico

Living Music Duplication is a record label from Albuquerque, New Mexico run by Jeremy Barnes (A Hawk and A Hacksaw/Neutral Milk Hotel) and Heather Trost (A Hawk and A Hacksaw. Heather Trost Band)

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